6 Foods To Eat For Weight Loss

Diets kinda suck. The majority of them ask you to restrict or eliminate certain foods or food groups. These plans are designed to jump start weight loss, but are not necessarily sustainable or even healthy over the long term.

The better strategy for not only Losing weight but also keeping your body healthy and strong is a balanced diet.

With the exception of nutritionally void junk food, there is little you need to avoid entirely in order to lose weight. Some foods help you get there faster, of course, but not necessarily the foods you think of right away. In fact, Wonderful foods for weight loss may be one of the foods that tell yourself that you have to scratch them after you diet.

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1. Whole Eggs

Eggs in the Metal Basket

For the longest time, we’ve been counselled to avoid eggs entirely or at least stick to the flavorless white. And it is true that eggs are high in cholesterol. However, recent studies have proven that there is no connection between eating eggs and unhealthy cholesterol levels, nor between eggs and heart disease.

In fact, eggs actually promote weight loss because they are high in protein, nutritionally dense, and have enough healthy fats to keep you feeling satisfied, all for a relatively low number of calories. The ability of eggs to promote satiety is very beneficial to a weight loss diet in which you are probably limiting overall caloric intake. You Need to Eat eggs over refined grain products like bagels in order to get the nutrition you need and feel full longer.

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