5 rules for men who want to have younger skin

You can fight against time with a few simple strategies Gentlemen, pay attention to your Skin just as you pay attention to your fitness routine: your Skin needs time and attention to be in top shape and to have a clear and youthful complexion.

If you want to fight or avoid the signs of aging, follow these nine tips for beautiful (and younger!) Skin.

1. Cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate
To take care of your skin, you need to do three things: cleanse it, exfoliate it, and hydrate it. Clean your Skin in the morning upon waking and then again before bed. This will cleanse the pores of anything that can build up on your pillow, the oils you use, and the sweat you produce. You will also remove toxins and grime. You should also cleanse your skin before applying other products to make it work.

After cleaning your skin, exfoliate it (but only twice a week). This light abrasive cream will remove dead skin cells and prevent them from clogging pores while bringing your healthiest and youngest cells back to the surface of your skin.

Always rehydrate your Skin in the morning and in the evening with a moisturizer to nourish cells and create a protective layer that prevents toxins from entering the pores.

2. Wear a denser cream at night
You can substitute your evening moisturizer with a night cream full of additional nutrients that your cells can absorb while you sleep. It is important to take care of your skin, even at night, because cell regeneration is much faster when you sleep. This is why you often discover on waking that a scratch has been erased during your sleep when it is not necessarily the case during the day.

Choose a night cream that focuses on repair and anti-aging to make sure you wake up with as fresh a face as possible.

3. Sleep a lot
Getting lots of sleep is essential if you want your Skin to look young. It is necessary to sleep seven to eight hours a night. Your body (every function, not just the regeneration of skin cells) needs time to recharge. If it is a habit of not getting enough sleep, your face will look older because you are depriving your Skin of everything this precious time to help it regenerate. You cannot “recover” from sleep: you must get into the habit of getting enough sleep.

4. Drink lots of water
Just as you need to sleep a lot to keep your skin looking young, you also need to stay hydrated for your body to function correctly. Dehydration leads to dry, fragile skin, acne, slower repair, etc. This is why many top models claim that their “secret” is to drink lots of water. This removes toxins from the body, provides nutrients, and makes your skin look young daily, and for the long term.

5. Use an eye cream
An eye cream contains more targeted nutrients than a traditional moisturizer designed for the thin skin around the eyes. Using one daily will help prevent blackheads and circles under the eyes. It will also minimize swelling and keep crow’s feet away.

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