Things 99% of Us Keep Using Wrong

Are you always on the lookout for things that can make your life a little easier? Then hey — you’re in the right place. Removing splinters with the help of glue? No problem! Lighting candles with spaghetti? Done! How about using dental floss for slicing cheese? Check! (Wow I feel a little like a cross between MacGyver and Tim the Tool Man Taylor!) Now you might find it difficult to accept that such low-budget and simple tricks could work at all! Well, if you don’t believe me, then “hide in the bushes” and watch these…

1. When going on a trip, bring along a couple of clothespins. You can use them to prevent your toothbrush from touching a dirty bathroom counter.

2. Rubber bands wrapped around the ends of your coat hangers will keep your clothes from slipping off.

3. Put a muffin pan into a laundry basket, and you’ll get a great tray for holding numerous drinks for a big party. They won’t spill, even if you’re driving.

4. To make iced coffee at home, pour some coffee into an ice cube tray and freeze it. Then add these cubes to your cold coffee, and instead of diluting your drink, coffee cubes will enhance its flavor.

5. To make sour cream and cottage cheese last twice as long, turn the containers upside down when you put them in the fridge. This way, you form a vacuum inside, which prevents bacteria from spreading. 6. If you’ve lost the protective plastic cap for your razor, you can replace it with a big paperclip. Usually, it would fit perfectly and save you from potential injuries.

7. If you run bacon under cold water before cooking, you’ll reduce the chances that it’ll shrink by half.

8. If you don’t have a steamer or an iron on hand, hang your wrinkled clothes in the bathroom and take a hot shower. The windows and the door must be closed, and the steam shouldn’t be able to leave through the space under the door. The shower will work in the same way as a steamer does, and you’ll also save time by multitasking.

9. To make your drink cool down fast, wrap it in a wet kitchen towel and put in the freezer for about 10 minutes.

10. To separate egg whites from yolks during cooking, you can buy a special egg separator. Or you can use an ordinary plastic bottle! Crack an egg onto a plate, squeeze the bottle, and position its opening over the yolk. After you release your grip, the yolk will get sucked up into the bottle.

11. You can relieve the unbearable itchiness from a mosquito bite by putting a tiny dab of clear nail polish on it.

12. You won’t cry so much while chopping onions if you pop some chewing gum in your mouth. This way, you’ll have to breathe through your mouth, and it’ll stop most of the tears.

13. Cornstarch will help you to untangle even the most difficult knots. Sprinkle your tangled laces with a pinch of cornstarch and work the knot apart.

14. If a candle has burned too low, and you can’t reach the wick anymore, light an uncooked spaghetti and use it to light hard-to-reach candles. It also works if you need to light a lot of candles at once. Happy Birthday!

15. A knife is often ineffective if you need to cut some soft food, for example, cheese or cake. Instead, you can use unscented dental floss. Just make sure to pull out a length that’s long enough to sink into the piece you’re cutting. You’ll get smooth and even slices.

16. If you tend to sleep right through your phone’s alarm in the morning, put your gadget into a cup before you get ready for bed. The alarm will reverberate inside the cup and sound louder. Besides, you’ll have to open your eyes to turn the annoying noise off.

17. Beeswax is a great way to make your shoes waterproof. Just cover the outside of your shoes with wax and use a hairdryer to make it set. Instead of beeswax, you can use a crayon or a candle of the same color as your footwear.

18. Go grab a walnut as soon as you see a scratch on your wooden furniture. Get the nut out of its shell, break it in half, and rub it diagonally into the scratch. The oils contained in nuts will fill in the damaged place. Brazil nuts and pecans will work just as well.

19. If, suddenly, you see a new zit appear on your skin, and you have no other products at hand, use toothpaste! Dab a bit on the pimple, and it’ll most likely disappear (or become much smaller) by the morning!

20. Scare spiders and mice away by sprinkling your door frames and your garage with peppermint oil mixed with water.

21. Statistically, hairbands get lost more often than any other things in this world. Actually, I just made that up, but you can’t argue that a hairband is never around when you need one. The solution is simple – stash your stock on a keyring!

22. Lip balm can not only protect your lips, but also heal tiny, but insanely uncomfortable, paper cuts. Apply some lip balm on the damaged area, and it’ll ease the pain and discomfort by keeping the air from hitting the nerves.

23. Are you going to get a new kitty and are worried about the feelings of your older cat? Before introducing them to each other, bathe the kitten and groom it with the other cat’s brush. The older cat will sniff its own scent on the kitten and warm up to the little one.

24. Rub the teeth of a stuck zipper with a graphite pencil, and it’ll work again.

25. If you don’t want your pencil to crumble while you’re sharpening it, leave it in the freezer for several minutes before you start.

26. Before you make a photocopy of an important signed document, put a paperclip on it. This way, you’ll always manage to tell the copy from the original.

27. If you glue a magnet to the end of your hammer, you’ll be able to use it as a nail holder. This way, you won’t end up stepping on lost – and sharp at that – metal objects.

28. To make a perfect toasted sandwich, put two slices of bread in one toaster slot. The slices will get toasty and golden-brown on the outside and stay soft and tender on the inside.

29. Peeling sticky notes from the bottom makes them curl in strategically important places where the adhesive is. Try starting on the left and pulling the note to the right. This way, you’ll get a flat-lying note which will easily stick to your monitor, fridge, wall, and whatnot.

30. Cut a tennis ball open and stuff it with dog treats. It’ll keep your pooch entertained for hours.

31. Place a magnet behind your light switch next to the entrance door, and it’ll hold your keys. This way, you won’t have to search for them every morning.

32. When your favorite perfume is about to finish, add the last drops of it to your body lotion.

33. Common school glue will help you to remove a splinter. Just pour a blob of glue on the damaged area and let it dry. Then, when you peel the glue off, the splinter will most likely come out as well.

34. To make someone agree when you’re asking for something, slightly nod your head while talking. Psychologists call it mirroring, and you’re more likely to get a positive answer if you use this technique. 35. While reheating rice, wrap it in a wet paper towel. This will soften even the hardest rice.

36. Hang a tennis ball on a string tied to your garage ceiling, positioned so that it’ll come in contact with your windshield in front of your face. It’ll prevent you from accidentally hitting the front wall with your bumper.

37. All you need to make a fort at home is a large sheet and a fan inflating it. Even if you don’t have kids, such a fort is still a fun thing to have.

38. If there’s a blackout and you have neither a flashlight nor a candle, you can use a tin of Crisco fat. Place a candle wick (or just a piece of string) in the middle of the full tin and light the thing up. Rumor has it that such a hand-made candle can burn for up to 45 days!

39. To save some space in your drawers, store your clothes vertically. It’ll also be easier to see what you have there.

40. Divide your soup leftovers into single portions and freeze them. This way, you’ll always have a nice lunch if you don’t have time to cook. And finally, if you need to go out in the rain, but don’t have a raincoat, take this tip from the Terminator. Simply lower yourself into a big vat of — rubber cement, and not only will you have a nice, new coating, you’ll stay very dry. No — actually I just made that up. Don’t do that. Alright how about you. Do you have any other cool life tricks in stock?

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