How you cuddle reveal some little secrets about your relationship

We know that body language reveals a lot about the intentions and true personality of an individual. This takes on even more important when we know that 93% of communication between individuals is non-verbal! So the tone of our voice, but also our gestures and the way we position ourselves actually make a lot more sense than the very meaning of the words we say.

We know that the way we walk, the direction of our gaze when we speak, and even the position that we adopt when we sleep means a lot about our personality – especially since all this is done at an unconscious level.

But what happens when two personalities collide and get closer – in a hug or hug, for example?

Because physical contact is of paramount importance in human relationships, and even more so in relationships, it’s not really surprising that there are so many different ways to hug. And the positions you take reveal a lot about you!

In fact, if you carefully analyze how you kiss others across this spectrum, you will be amazed at how accurate this analysis can be.

1. The protector


The protective hug is a hug that draws all its strength from the great feeling of security that it provides to the one who receives it. The person in the back wraps their arms around the waist of the other, providing a feeling of warmth and stability.

This position is proof of a great mutual trust within the couple, and it shows that taking care of each other is of paramount importance for your couple. “By covering your back, it sends the message that it is trying to protect you from harm,” writes Patti Wood, body language expert and author of the bestseller “Success Signals a Guide to Reading Body Language”.


2. The rubbed back


It is a hug that seeks above all to reassure. Each person rubs the other person’s back with the palm of their hand as if to remind them of how important he or she is to them.

This position reflects a great sense of openness, vulnerability, and trust in one another. “The back is the most vulnerable part of the body, it’s the blind spot, which you can’t see, and that’s where you can be attacked by surprise. Since you cannot see his back, being touched there gives a special feeling.

Rubbing your back is your way of providing comfort to your cuddly partner.

3. pat on the back


When you pat someone else’s back or shoulder blade, it’s a strong feeling of friendship and camaraderie. Each person can thus offer the other a feeling of emotional comfort, approval and social validation. There’s not really a feeling of intimacy in this type of hug.

This position does not reflect love closeness. If you do this frequently within a couple, it can mean two things: if you do this in parallel with other types of more intimate hugs, you consider your couple relationship as that of two best friends, in addition, to be lovers, which is very positive. On the other hand, if you do “only” this type of hug, it means that you continue to appreciate yourself, but that your relationship does not grow and that it tends to regress to the level of passion and love. And if you are not yet in a relationship and you have ambitions with a person who embraces you like that, sorry but it is rather a bad start! “This is how men hug their buddies,” said Dr. Christopher Blazina. “If a man kisses you this way, it means he wants the relationship between you to remain at the friend stage. ”

4. The slow


When we kiss in this way, as if we were dancing the slow, it creates a strong bond of tenderness between the two partners. This translates romanticism and sweet passion, to their purest state! One partner wraps their arms around the waist of the other, while the other person wraps their arms around their neck …

This type of hug is typical of young loves, of the passion of the beginnings. However, if you still kiss your partner in this way years after the start of your relationship, it means that the flame of the beginning is still present in you and that you love yourself as on the first day!

5- Eye to eye




This hug, the eyes plunged in the glance of the other, expresses above all the depth of the connection of your souls and your spirits. Whatever form this hug might take, and whatever you do with the rest of your body, it doesn’t really matter: what matters here is that you keep your gaze other and that you keep close proximity between your two faces.

This position reflects a true and deep love, as well as a strong mutual appreciation and a powerful affection for what is the other in-depth, well beyond its purely physical aspects. In this relationship, you are both able to see through one another and perceive the depths of one’s soul. Your bond is extremely powerful and certainly unshakable!

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