4 Toiletries To Stay Fresh

No time to take a shower? When you can’t wash your body, at least wash your face with these products that you should put away in your gym bag.

Ideally, you’ve organized your day around an early morning shower, likewise, for your workout. Even a quick rinse removes grime and odors, preserving your complexion, reputation, and comfort.

Sometimes you don’t have time. You woke up late; you didn’t pay the water bill we understand.

No matter what keeps you from taking a shower, no problem: you can always be fresh with the right products. Here are five products to put in your gym bag, in your car or in your office to make you feel good and keep you clean all day, even if there was no hot water in the gym.

1 – Keep some wipes
The best thing you can do for yourself (and for anyone within a few inches) is to keep a few body wipes in your office. While many people only associate the wipes with personal hygiene (have a few packs for your next camping trip), there are also wipes designed to cleanse the body and face. Use it to quickly clean your body, exfoliate, and hydrate your skin in a single pass.

They are also ideal after a spicy lunch or for a post-workout detox if you don’t take a shower immediately. Use them right after your workout, before sweat clogs your pores.

2 – Use dry shampoo
You probably don’t need shampoo every day because it can remove the natural oil from your hair, which keeps it healthy. (This is why your hair is so dry when washed. It is no longer naturally hydrated.)

For those days when you don’t wash your hair, it would be a good idea to invest in a dry shampoo. It is also a miracle product if you get up and don’t have time to shower before going to work. Dry shampoos suck excess fat from your hair without removing all of its moisture. This will keep your hair healthy longer, add volume and style while saving precious time. However, use a (regular) shampoo every two or three days and always try to rinse your hair daily to remove any extra product and oil build-up.

3 – Mattify while hydrating
You may not be taking a shower, but you cannot do anything for your toilet. Next step: a moisturizer that will refresh your face without making your skin shine.

If you do not plan to wash your face for several hours (or the next day), you need a moisturizer that has some benefits: a cream that masks signs of fatigue and gives the impression that you are lively. Use a lightly tinted moisturizer that adapts perfectly to your skin tone. It will even hide blackheads and signs of tiredness around the eyes and minimize the shine of your skin for the next 12 hours (this is the “mattifying” part).

4 – Avoid sweating too much with body powder
The powder may be the best antiperspirant, but it’s not something you can apply under your arms or on your back without putting it everywhere. Instead, sprinkle it in your socks and underwear before getting dressed by tapping them on the wettest areas of the skin to cover it. The powder absorbs moisture and keeps your skin dry and odorless. Some powders even leave a refreshing scent. Moisture absorption also minimizes any irritation to the legs and genitals.

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