6 Symbols of love: implicitly say “I love you” to your partner

When you are in love, you have only one haste: to shout it on all the rooftops. We are constantly talking about the person who gave birth to us deep and inexplicable feelings. However, there are other ways to say “I love you” to your partner. You can use the symbols of love to describe how you feel.

The symbols of love have existed for centuries. Take the best known, for example, the heart. Over the years, he has managed to resist the appearance of new symbols to represent love. Despite the large number of proofs of love that exist today, it remains the most used and the most symbolic.


In the Middle Ages, the letter was the most common form of expressing feelings for one another. And, in our modern age, it has been replaced by love messages, for those who need to express their feelings in a more visual way. Yet the heart still represents love in its purest and most sincere form.

So, if you are in love and want to express your feelings in a more implicit way or if you are not very good at talking about your emotions, we have prepared a list of the 6 most popular love symbols for you… Take a look at the text below and choose the representation that seems most suitable for your relationship.

The symbols of love that will touch your partner’s heart

If you want to show your love in an original way, you can offer one of the love symbols listed below to your other half. Most of these representations have ancient roots and have managed to survive to this day. There is not an ideal way to say “I love you”. If you’re the type who has easy communication, you can do it by writing a song or a letter.

But, if you’re having trouble finding the right words or just want to be more romantic, you can opt for one of the symbols of love on offer. You can buy them or make them yourself. The important thing is to choose the right representation for your partner. That is to say, the symbol that will really be the spirit of your union.

1. The heart

One cannot speak of the symbols of love without evoking the heart. Of course! It is the universal representation of love. The heart symbolizes the romantic, the affection and the care that two partners feel for each other. Its shape, the inverted triangle, gives it a symbolic interpretation: it is the vessel in which love is found and transported.

2. The red rose

Over the centuries, the symbolism of the red rose has evolved. for the Greeks, it was the representation of the goddess of love, Aphrodite. In the Christian religion, it symbolizes the Virgin Mary. Nowadays, the red rose is the image of passion, desire, and physical love.

3. The swan

There is a very well-known representation of love where we see two swans facing each other and touching each other by the beak. Their positions then form a heart. This animal symbolizes eternal love, fidelity, and unbreakable love. It is also the representation of the unlimited capacity of the heart to love.

4. The dove

Even if the dove is today better known as the symbol of peace, it definitely deserves its place among the symbols of love. Why? This beautiful animal is the representation of fidelity because it keeps the same partner, throughout its life. Besides, we very often find the dove on wedding invitations.

5. Cupid

Ah, the God of Love. He is very often represented as a winged and blind cherub, which would mean that love makes you blind to your partner’s faults. For you, your half becomes perfect. The arrow of Cupid is also the symbol of love at first sight since legend has it that when the God of Love touches you, you instantly fall in love with the person in front of you.

6. Ribbons and lace

Since the time of chivalry, ribbons and lace have been associated with romance: a lady offered her the most beautiful ribbon to the knight whom she cherished when he went into battle. In fact, in medieval times, a ribbon was used to tie the hands of the two spouses to symbolize their eternal love. Lace, on the other hand, represented courtly love and today is the symbol of s and lust.

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