5 Good Reasons To Sleep With Your Dog

Do you sometimes let your dog sleep with you? Me too, it’s the same! My little Max often sleeps with me in my bed … Even if my boyfriend doesn’t really agree! However, this is not such a bad idea … If like me, you are looking for an excuse to share your bed with your best friend, read this article! Here are 5 great reasons to sleep with your dog. Look :


 1 – Dogs reduce stress

All dog owners know this! Having a dog decreases stress and anxiety. The proof: dogs are used as therapy animals for very anxious people. Indeed, the presence of a dog allows them for example to go outside while being less anxious. But that’s not all ! Dogs also have the gift of calming and relaxing us overnight. Thus, if you sleep with your dog, you will have a calmer and better sleep.

2 – You feel safer with a dog

Sleeping with your dog does not only allow you to be less stressed! It’s also the best way to feel safe! And it does not matter whether it is a large, perfectly trained watchdog … … or a small dog that alerts you with a simple bark. All you need to feel safe is having your dog sleeping next to you. As you will be less afraid, you will sleep more deeply.

3 – Dogs love it!

All dogs love to be pampered! So if you offer your dog to sleep with you in your bed, he will not be asked to pray very long. Why ? Because he will love to take a nap with you! In addition, sleeping with you calms and relaxes your dog as much as you do.

4 – Dogs keep warm and are cozy

Of course, blankets and pillows are warm and cozy. But nothing beats your dog’s warmth and soft fur! Many dog ​​owners sleep with their dog because it keeps them warm at night. Indeed, even if you sleep with a small dog next to you, you feel much better than if you sleep alone.

5 – Dogs reduce symptoms of depression

In the same way that dogs reduce stress, it is also recognized that dogs reduce symptoms of depression. Indeed, dogs bring us an unconditional love that is difficult to find elsewhere … The company of a dog at night makes us feel better. If you feel a little depressed, or if you have a little blues, the ideal is to sleep with your dog during the night!

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