4 Essential Tips To Know To Protect Your Dog From The Heat.

The heatwave sets in. You’re hot? You are not the only one! Your dog too. Too often we forget that dogs are very sensitive to rising temperatures. They should, therefore, be protected as best as possible. Men can protect themselves from the heat by various ingenious systems. But the dogs, themselves, are very poor without our help. To cope, they can only rely on their body. And sometimes it’s not enough. In a context of high heat, without our intervention, there is a high risk of heatstroke. And our four-legged friend might not survive it. The best way to avoid this tragedy is to recognize the symptoms of heatstroke and apply some essential tips to protect it.


Here are the 9 signs that should alert you:

– Your dog’s behavior has changed: he is usually dynamic, and there he is all flat. Or it’s as soft as a lamb and showing signs of aggression. Note also that it can be very agitated and not stay in place.

– His body temperature increases considerably. Note: the normal temperature of a dog is 38.5 ° C with normal variations between 38 ° C and 39 ° C. So you have to worry when it is above 39 ° C. The danger is real if its temperature exceeds 40 ° C.

– His breathing is irregular and rapid. He gasps loudly.

– His truffle is hot.

– His tongue and his lips have a bluish color.

– He is shaking. – He’s dizzy.

– He salivates a lot or his foam mouth.

– He may be experiencing vomiting.

– The frequency of the heartbeat increases. If your dog has one or more of these symptoms, and it is very hot, he may be suffering from heatstroke. Certain factors will contribute to the occurrence of these symptoms. Knowing them will allow you to react in time or to better interpret the symptoms we have just described.


Factors that promote heat stroke


– Your dog did not drink enough water.

– He’s taking medicine.

– He’s overweight.

– He’s not used to a hot climate.

– He remained confined in an unventilated space. Be careful, staying in a ventilated space but with air conditioning is also a factor that will promote heatstroke in your dog.

– It has been hot for several consecutive days and nights.

– He stayed in the sun for too long. – He had intense physical activity.

How to react?

If you think your dog is hyperthermic, don’t leave him unattended. Keep your pet cool, place a damp cloth or blanket on his neck and back. Call your veterinarian immediately and book an appointment.

What not to do: Do ​​not put it in very cold water and do not use ice. It may cool down too quickly. Don’t force him to drink. Present him with water: if he wants to drink, he will take the initiative. We all agree: the best is still to avoid this kind of emergency. To keep your dog from getting too hot, take a few simple precautions.


How to protect your dog from the heat?

Using these simple steps will keep your dog from getting too hot to the point of feeling unwell.


1. Never leave your dog alone in a car

Each summer, dog owners leave their pets in their car for a run.


Unfortunately, the temperature rises very quickly in the passenger compartment of a car in the sun. Your car quickly turns into a rotisserie. And it takes just a few minutes for your dog to become dehydrated.

What to do?

– Just leave your dog at home before you go shopping. Put it in a room as cool as possible or well ventilated. Make sure there is always water available. If you leave it in your garden, make sure there is always a shaded area where it can take refuge. Even if the sun turns!

– Can’t leave your dog at home? Take it in your car but park it in the shade. And leave him under the supervision of another person who can give him a drink if necessary. What to NEVER do Never leave your dog ONLY if your car is in the shade or not:

– Even if you leave the window open.

– Even if you leave the air conditioning on because you are never immune to a breakdown.


2. No effort in hot weather

What is valid for you also applies to your dog: no effort in hot weather. Do not exercise your dog in very hot weather. He risks heat stroke. If you want to exercise her, it’s before 10 a.m. or after 6 p.m. Even with these precautions, it is better to stay in the shade and not force it too much.


3. Make sure your dog always has fresh water

Even more than usual! When it’s hot, make sure your dog always has fresh water to drink. Even on the go. Remember to take a gourd or a bottle especially for your 4-legged friend.


4. Avoid driving in the hottest hours Driving in the cooler

will be more pleasant for you … and for your dog! If you can not help but drive in the middle of the afternoon, consider equipping your car with a sun visor and plug in the air conditioning! Take regular breaks on the road so that he can drink and do his business.

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