10 signs to recognize a woman in love

Big smile, sparkling eyes, there are unmistakable signs! Your office colleague arrives wearing make-up, cheerful, and begins to watch what she eats.

What if there was love in the air? Gentlemen, if you have doubts about the feelings of your dear and tender, then here are some tips that will guide you!

Be observant. Here are 10 signs to recognize a woman in love.

1- The look

The look does not deceive! A woman who looks at her man with wide, wide eyes, who stares at him as soon as he speaks, no doubt, she is a woman in love.

The intensity of the look betrays emotions and feelings. If your partner’s eyes are bright as soon as she sees you, you can rest assured, gentlemen.

2- The appearance

A woman in love is a woman who seeks to please and takes care of her! Therefore, if you observe changes in his clothes, his shoes, his way of making up, of his hair, you can be sure that there is a man in his life and that he seeks to seduce him.
3- The attitude

A woman in love is a fulfilled woman, and it shows in her attitude. She’s a bubbly woman. She feels good in her head, in her body, reconnects with the child’s carelessness, feels incredibly light.

She feels that everything is working for her and sees life in pink. She smiles all the time, laughs at everything. In short, love gives wings and the joy of life.

4- Jealousy

Love has its downsides. Know gentlemen that a woman in love is also very possessive and jealous. Therefore, it may monitor you, track your Facebook profile, rummage in your pockets, monitor your texting on your mobile phone. She wants to know where you are and gnaws at you as soon as you are away from her.
5- The diet

Living on love and freshwater! The expression is true. A woman in love feeds on her feelings. Therefore, his appetite is reduced!

In addition, she pays attention to her line and silhouette, avoids pastries and all that is caloric.
6- Confidence

A woman in love is a woman who confides more easily, more expansive, she is a more confident woman because she feels strong. She radiates and her confidence is communicative.

At work, he’s a real Zebulon. Never tired, she undertakes everything with incredible strength. Inevitably, she is doped with serotonin, the hormone of happiness.

7- Attention

A loving woman is attentive! She goes to the stove when until now, she has only reheated prepared meals.

She looks at the cookbooks, is interested in organic, decides to go to the market and cooks delicious dishes. She does everything to make her darling happy, not hesitating to write sweet words on the fridge and offer small gifts.
8- Forgiveness

A truly loving woman is ready for all concessions. In love, it’s sometimes complicated. A woman who agrees to forgive her man his spends with friends, his nights of intoxication is a woman who loves.

9- Libido

A woman in love will find it difficult to hide from her surroundings her radiant complexion, her sudden sx appeal, especially with men, who smell the outburst of hormones!

Because yes, love excites and explodes libido. A woman in love does a lot of sport in bed and does not understand why her colleagues complain about their seual relations. For its part, everything is fine.

10- The future

Especially a woman in love projects herself! She has a lot of imagination, daydreams at her desk, sees herself in 10 years, with children, a beautiful wedding dress, a dog, a house.

The woman in love thinks of the future that she sees without clouds and without obstacles.

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