10 signs that your dog loves you

Dogs have their own way of showing affection and it is not always easy to decipher their behavior. The masters treat them most of the time as members of their family. But is this almost filial love reciprocal? If you doubt the love your dog (or puppy) has for you, learn to recognize the unmistakable signs!

Good to know: all dogs are capable of love, whatever their breed (Labrador, Golden Retriever, Border Collie, Bichon, Spaniel, German Shepherd, French Bulldog, Australian Shepherd, Greyhound, Husky, Yorkshire, Dachshund, Bull terrier, Chihuahua…). And even distant dogs show signs of affection, but they are more subtle and therefore more difficult to perceive.

1. He looks you in the eye

When your dog looks you in the eye, it’s a strong sign of affection. Indeed, when your doggie fixes you with love during a game, a cuddling session or even during walks, your body automatically releases oxytocin, the hormone of happiness. This hormone is the same as that associated with the bond between a mother and her child or between two people in love.

2. It makes your party when you get home

If each time you go home, even after 10 minutes of absence, your dog is happy to see you and makes you happy, it is because he loves you. It wags its tail, licks you, jumps on you, runs everywhere, sometimes even barks to signify its joy to find you.

3. He is leaning against you

A dog that takes advantage of every opportunity to stand or snuggle up to its owner is a great proof of love. This means that he sees him as his pillar and that his presence reassures him. So do not hesitate to give her a few little hugs to show her that it makes you happy!

4. He keeps licking you

Why do dogs lick us? To show us their affection and sometimes soothe us. Yes, your doggie is a real sponge. It senses when you are worried or upset and it licks you to reassure you. A way of saying “everything will be fine” in away.

5. Frowns

This is a Japanese study that has shown that dogs also express themselves with raised and frowned eyebrows. So if your dog frowns when he sees you, that’s a good sign, it means he’s happy. On the other hand, if he frowns, ask yourself questions …

6. He brings you his favorite toy

If when your faithful companion brings you their favorite toy (be careful, not just any!), They try to make you understand that they want to play with you, but not only! Giving you your favorite toy is a mark of trust and respect. Indeed, he wants you to share a pleasant moment together with what is most dear to him.

7. He watches you go calmly

You are going to go to work and, like every morning, your dog is watching you calmly from afar. This behavior is very positive since it means that your dog has so much confidence in you that he knows very well that you will come back. So there is no need to worry.

8. He follows you everywhere

If your dog follows you “like a little dog”, it is because he loves you and does not like being away from you. He appreciates your company and lets you know. Be careful however not to cause hyper attachment!

9. He takes care of you

Are you sick, sad, worried? Your dog, very receptive, feels it and shows you its compassion by snuggling against you until you are better. This affectionate gesture says it all.

10. He lets you stroke him on the stomach

The ultimate sign of submission and confidence, caressing the stomach is not always tolerated with anyone. If your dog lies on his back, all fours in the air and he looks you straight in the eyes, waiting for a caress, it is because he knows that you will not do him any harm. wrong.

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